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Quick and Easy Spur Removal

Trimming spurs on your rooster can go completely wrong if you accidentally cut the  quick inside the spur. I have found it much safer and easier to just remove the spurs completely. Normally you will only get a single drop of blood at most when removing the spurs. The spurs will grow back overtime. After I remove the spurs I will place the rooster in a wire bottom isolation cage for 24-48 hours so the quick inside the spur can dry a little before he goes back out with the ladies. This help prevent any chance of infection. This simple job can also be done by yourself without the need for assistance. Here are the instructions.

1. Hold rooster in a comfortable position that allows you to hold him with  one hand and still gives you full access to his spurs.

2. Take a standard pair of pliers and grasp the first spur.

3. Slightly rotate the spur using the pliers until you feel the pop.

4. Pull spur off of the quick.

5. Use towel as needed to dry the blood from the quick.

6. Repeat for second spur.

Spurs can be saved and used for craft projects or thrown away. That is up to you. Here is a short video showing the process from start to finish doing both spurs.

Harrison County 4-H Fair

Photos taken on July 12, 2014. Photos are in no order.  For some reason they got all mixed up in the upload process.

Gizmo Protecting Her New Babies

Gizmo was adopted from a local animal shelter. She was in the process of weening her kittens when we adopted her. We picked her up a week after adopting her once she was done weening her kittens. She is now spayed but this young lady is still 100% motherly. Gizmo has even tried stealing chicks out of their brooder box and attempted to get them to nurse on her. We made it so she couldn’t get to the chicks in the brooders since. This done stop her from watching every new chick hatch. Don’t worry though because she loves her chicks and would never hurt one. She is just a very good and loving mommy.


Introducing Cat!

Cat is a special needs silkie from Catdance lines. She was born with a deformed foot. Everything was done early on to try to correct it but treatment did not help. The breeder just wanted to find her a good home. Well she has gotten more than that. Cat is being diaper and house trained for starters. We are going to get her use to being handled by everyone and even take her with us places. This is all working up to turning her into a therapy chicken that we can take around to visit the residents of local senior centers and assisted living facilities. Cat will lead a full and pampered life and bring happiness to everyone she meets.

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